Bridesmaids Proposals And All the Do's

He put a ring on it! ** Beyonce Single ladies Twerk** Congrats!!  You and your honey are probably still on cloud nine. We say stay there and enjoy It for a while. Show off that ring and live in that love. Once you come down from the clouds, now starts the task of wedding planning.  As you envision your big day, if you see your besties by your side, you may want to do bridesmaids proposals. Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

Bridesmaids proposals are a really fun way to get your girls excited for your big day and all the events leading up to it. We’ll walk you through what we like to do.

  1. Set a date. Obviously this is the key to all of your wedding planning. It’s important to do this before bridesmaids proposals so your girls know when you’ll need them most in case they have other commitments.
  2. Review with bae. We think it’s good to discuss wedding party size. You may want to have your 25 best friends from elementary in pink , while he’s thinking more intimate with 3 close buddies by his side.
  3. Write a list of who you want in your squad and what position they should play. We don't have much sage advice in this area except think with your head and your heart.
  4. Set a budget. Of course they’re doing this because they love you, but according to buzzfeed the average cost of being a bridesmaids can be anywhere from $60 - $3000 and a sweet proposal gesture will surely remind them how much they are appreciated.
  5. Get it poppin’ and pop the questions!

There’s no right way or wrong way, let your creativity go wild. You can gather your girls together in one place at happy hour, brunch or cook a sweet dinner. If you’re having an engagement party you can do proposals there or for a more intimate proposal surprise your tribe one by one.  Let them know you need them by your side. 

You can do something simple like a card and a bottle of their fav wine or champagne. Remember this is a time to celebrate love! These are our most popular proposal cards they’re gorgeous, come with a set of pretty brush pink envelopes and can be paired with anything. Grab them here.


Thinking of inviting your girls over for a sweet dinner? have 1 of everyone’s fav personalized stemless glass at each place setting filled with wine, and a straw topped with a sweet proposal flag they'll LOVE. Get your flags and glasses here

If you’ve been dreaming about this day and pinning away, you’ve probably noticed the memory bridesmaids gift box trend (We love it too). Some of our favs are boxes that brides put together with mementos of your friendship like pictures, and postcards from places you two have traveled together. While we can’t help you with pictures of you both from that awkward phase, we can start you with a gorgeous box. Grab our Just the Box - Bridesmaids Proposal boxes in white here and in black here

Not really the Pinterest DIY type (A couple of glue gun burns have slowed our roll too)? You can still give your BFF’s a gorgeous box with custom goodies to suit their personalities. We've got a box for every type in your crew.

Want to give bridesmaids swag that they can wear at all the wedding events (showers, engagement parties, &  bachelorette parties)? Then you’ll LOVE our bride squad gift box. It includes a really cute tee with their bridal party titles and other goodies they'll love. Get these cute boxes here


We’ve got the perfect box for the boss babes who run the world. She'll love the personalized book to jot down all her hopes & dreams. See this box here



The sweetheart besties who loves florals will adore the items in the Sweet Flower Bridesmaids box here


The modern girl who loves classic and timeless things will LOVE the Pretty in Pink Marble Box. Its FILLED with goodies she's treasure for ever. Snag this cute box here 


Don't forget the littlest members of your bridal party! We've got cute boxes they'll love too! Get the Glitzy Flower Girl Box here



Find the perfect box for your crew and see all of our gorgeous bridesmaids proposal and thank you boxes here. Whatever you do and however you choose to pop the question, most of all HAVE FUN. Wedding planning can be stressful and it will be fun memories like these that will make the process much easier. 

To get more "Pop the Question" inspiration follow our Pinterest Bridesmaids Proposal Board here

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