The Latest, Greatest & Trendiest in 2018.

With engagement season almost over (Of course there is still hope for that sweet February 14th proposal) and some of you Lovies getting married as soon as March, we wanted to share our predictions for 2018’s best gifts ever. Get your bridal party the latest and cutest.

These are in no particular order, we actually really love everything here. Let us know what order you think these should go and which is your fav in the comments section below.

The Boyfriend Personalized Shirt is definitely a CUTE trendy gift to watch out for, especially if you’re planning getting ready/day of/slumber party photos for your big day. Any time you steal your boyfriends fav shirt you feel a little sexy knowing its his, and these shirts will make you feel no different. Pair with heals for sexy extra cute slayage or gift matching socks for more of a fun look. Get these super cute shirts here

The Bridesmaid robe is just not going away, and we think it shouldn’t. We do believe girls will look for fun twists to the floral robe photos. We added gold bridal party titles to the back our of new lace and cotton robes to give a look that everyone will love. Choose your fav color (We carry, Grey, Blush, Black, Mint & White ) and show off a bit. See our Lace & Cotton Bridal Party Robes here

Gifts your girls will treasure LONG after your wedding day. Let’s face it, they’ll never wear that bridesmaids dress again. Give them something they’ll carry around everywhere and we love totes, we really do. Loved. Ms. has them in so many stylish choices that your girls will love, and carry everywhere. This one has been really popular, she’s full of sweet details you’ve gotta see here

Wine glasses with your name on it are ALWAYS a good thing, but lately we're in love with all things flasks and this personalized rose gold bangle has us all wanting to wear wine on Fridays! This is a pretty cute trend that's perfect for any Bridesmaids gifts, bachelorette nights and those fun tropical girls weekends. Grab our Bangle Flasks here

Yes to jewelry! Want all our bridesmaids to be blinged out the same way for your big day? That’s great. Similar concept to number 3, give them something they’ll love and present that jewelry in a jewelry box they'll LOVE. These personalized jewelry boxes are just the thing. Rose Gold is so in right now. They’ll love this, trust us. See This beauty here

Different gifts to suit each your girls personality, probably one of our fav trends! One size doesn’t always have to fit all. You don’t have to get the exact same gift for everyone if you don’t want to, its your wedding, your rules! Is one of your girls a boss babe? While another is a party girl, and another a yoga guru? Set a budget for your crew and We’ve got you covered. Get good vibes and pick something perfect for your girls here

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