Surprise Bridesmaids Proposals With Altrichia Cook & Her Bride Crew

We partnered with Altrichia Cook, bride-to-be, swim suit designer and influencer to do bridesmaids proposals for her bride crew. Watch how she surprises them and how excited they are to receive their gorgeous Loved Ms. Party Girl Bridesmaids Gift Boxes full of goodies and sweet items from other wonderful brands.


Altrichia has 16 sweet bridesmaids in her bridal party and choose our boxes to propose to  her girls, they all said "I Do" Too! 

Because of the size of her crew and conflicting schedules Altrichia did 2 sessions. the second over brunch. Watch part 2 of her proposals and how excited her tribe is.

Not able to surprise all of her besties in person, she sweetly sent boxes to the rest of the her bride crew so they felt loved too.

Ready to do bridesmaids proposals with your BFF's? Grab the perfect bridesmaids proposal boxes for your crew here and don't forget to stop by our blog and read the post on getting your girls to say "I Do"Too! 

You can follow Altrichia on Instagram @asoimmaculate

Video by Wally Woo Filmz on Instagram @wallywoofilmz